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Lead a Conference Without an Extension or Line URI

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Lead a Conference Without an Extension or Line URI

Enabling Non Enterprise Voice Users to Lead a Conference without the Lync Client or Line URI

I don't know about you, but I've found a lot of clients that want to start their move to Lync by deploying PSTN dial-in conferencing.  These clients may or may not want to use the Lync client, but they certainly don't want the overhead of setting up a Line URI for non Enterprise Voice enabled users.  This post will show you a work-around for allowing users without the Lync Client to schedule and lead conference calls.

The Problem

Out of the box, if you try to access the Dial-In page from a user that is not enabled for Enterprise Voice and and no Line URI assigned, you will see something like this:
This basically means that your users will not be able to set a pin, therefore making it impossible to join a call as a leader from the PSTN.  

Solution 1: Using the Set-CSPinSendCAWelcomeMail cmdlet

Given the fact that users are unable to set their own PIN's, the responsibility lies on the shoulder of the administrator. Lync Powershell makes this task easy through the use of the Set-CSPinSendCAWelcomeMail cmdlet.

In the following example, we send a PIN Welcome email to all the users within the "Engineering" OU of the "" domain.  NOTE: This script requires the "Lync" and "ActiveDirectory" Powershell Modules.

$users = Get-CSUser -ou  "OU=Engineering,OU=Departments,DC=Contoso,DC=Com"
foreach ($user in $users)
    $aduser = Get-Aduser $user.SamAccountName -properties emailaddress
    $email = $aduser.emailaddress
    Set-CSPinSendCAWelcomeMail -UserURI $user.sipaddress -From `
    -SmtpServer '' -UserEmailAddress $email -force

In this solution, each user in the OU will receive an email welcoming them to the conferencing service and showing them how to access the "dialin" page.  The problem with this is that the email gives them instructions on how to change their PIN, which will not work for users without a LineURI.  To send a custom email more suited to the needs of these users, see Solution 2 below.

Solution 2: Assign Random PIN and Send Custom Email

Although solution 1 will work, it will send the user an email that contains instructions that they will not be able to follow.  As a result, you may end up with unwanted support calls.  To remedy this situation, instead of sending the canned emails automatically, we can use PowerShell  to send out a custom email.

This time, instead of applying our changes to users in the "Engineering" OU, let's do a global selection of all Lync enabled users that are not enabled for Enterprise Voice.

$smtpServer = ''
$emailSubject = 'Welcome to Lync 2010 Dial-In Conferencing'
$fromAddress = '' #Note: This is where the delivery confirmations go as well

$newPins = Get-CsUser | where{$_.EnterpriseVoiceEnabled -eq $false} | Set-CsClientPin
foreach($user in $newPins)
$filter = '(msRTCSIP-PrimaryUserAddress={0})' -f $user.Identity
$adUser = Get-ADUser -Properties emailaddress,"msRTCSIP-PrimaryUserAddress" -LDAPFilter   $filter
 $emailBody = "You have been enabled for dialin conferencing and your PIN number is: {0}" -f $user.Pin
Send-MailMessage -SmtpServer $smtpServer -Subject $emailSubject -From $fromAddress `
-DeliveryNotificationOption "OnSuccess" -To $adUser.emailaddress -Body $emailBody

The result in this case is a very basic email to each Non-Enterprise Voice user, looking something like this, based on your PIN requirements:

Obviously it would be very simple to spruce this up with an HTML based email that included instructions as well as the user's Dial-In numbers,  I leave that up to you guys.  :)

Verification of Solution

Once all of your Non-Enterprise Voice users have been given a PIN, they can confirm their ability to host conferences by doing the following:

  1. Schedule a meeting in Outlook (or web scheduler as needed)
  2. Dial into the conference bridge at the appropriate time
  3. At the initial prompt, enter the conference number generated in Outlook
  4. When asked if you are the leader, press "*"
  5. When prompted for your PIN, use the one in the welcome email
  6. System will join you to the meeting as a leader as confirmed by hearing: "You are now being joined to the conference as a leader"
Thanks and Happy Conferencing!

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  1. Could you place update the script, I am trying to use it but I always get error, apparently there are some values that are not correct. I have tried fixing the values with errors but there is no way to fix it properly. Could you provision the original script, maybe the script on the page does not have the same values as the original one that you are using.
    Thank you very much, this is very important for me.